Life Under COVID-19 – Part 2: Masks

Radio 5

The second installment of “Radio 5 VOICES: Life Under COVID-19” focuses on personal experiences and observations regarding masks, the item that’s become a necessity during the pandemic (at least from a Japanese point of view.) The recordings took place between April and May, 2020.


VOICES: Life Under COVID-19 Part 2: Masks

Radio 5 VOICES: Life Under COVID-19 シリーズ2回目のテーマはマスク。新型コロナウイルスの感染拡大を防ぐために世界中でマスクは重要なものとなったが、個人や地域で考え方はさまざまのようだ。ここでは日本、アメリカ、オーストラリアに暮らす様々な国籍の人々から、マスクをめぐる個人の経験やそれぞれの社会のマスクに対する考え方が語られる。録音は2020年4月と5月に行われた。

Interviewed and edited by Setsuko Kamiya


This image shows the so-called “Abenomask,” and an attached flier which explains how to avoid the virus and how to wash and reuse the masks. As shortage of masks became a wide concern, the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in mid March ran a controversial initiative to distribute these two cloth masks for each household across the country. (Setsuko Kamiya Photo)