5: Designing Media Ecology Manifesto
『5:Designing Media Ecology』趣意書


November 8, 2014, revised
February 21, 2014
Shin Mizukoshi and “5” editorial office

In 2014, we have published a new magazine in the field of media and communications. It has a small print run of several hundred copies. But by expanding this project online and by organizing workshops and events, we are going to explore new formats of intellectual expression.

The title of the magazine is 5 (Five).
The subtitle is Designing Media Ecology.

In the field of media and communications, critical analysis and ideas have been treated as separate from practice and design. However, we now realize that there are many people who have tried to cross these boundaries, fighting against this institutionalization. We would like to create a common sphere where these people can get together and generate a new field. Especially, we would like to connect people emerging from various Japanese social sectors with global friends.

With these people in mind, we have published 5: Designing Media Ecology.

We have started with the publication of a biannual and bilingual (Japanese and English) magazine. Then, by gradually launching online services, a small radio station, and events such as symposiums and workshops, we are going to cultivate a small media ecosystem.

The first volume of the paper magazine has arrived in June, 2014. We appreciate your kind cooperation and your patronage. Those who want to design and contribute to a small, but broadly-focused media ecosystem, we look forward to your participation.

What follows are the guidelines of 5 (Five): Designing Media Ecology.
Just as its name suggests, there are five of them.

1. Cultivating a New Field

Connecting critical thought with practical design, and producing a new field of media & communications research.

  • Areas covered
    Media studies, media literacy, cultural studies, cross-cultural exchange, citizen media, media activism, information design, science & technology communication, information education, knowledge & creation support systems, media art, workshop design, etc.
  • Target
    Those who are interested in the areas of study mentioned above, and those who have realized the need for balance between theory & practice, the importance of glocalism, and the limitations of universities as academic institutions.
  • Stance
    Ideological, but practical. Or, a design-oriented mind with an interest in critical thought.

2. Being “Glocal”

  • Using both Japanese and English.
  • Breaking through Japan’s traditionally closed approach to humanities and social sciences.
  • Embracing hybridity.

3. Being a Magazine

  • Not an academic journal, but a magazine for everyone.
  • Featuring photographs, infographics, essays, special issues, articles, columns, reportage.
  • Academic articles will be printed with the peer review of the editorial board.

4. New Practice of Media Studies

  • Creating a small media colony, using both analog and digital media.
  • Producing a new intellectual field (community) by developing this media colony.
  • Cultivating small media, but with a broad-focus.

5. Editorial Formation

Founding Members

  • Editor
    Shin Mizukoshi: Media Studies, University of Tokyo, Japan
  • Editorial board
    Shin Mizukoshi
    Yoshitaka Mōri: Cultural Studies, Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan
    Osamu Sakura: Science, Technology and Society, University of Tokyo, Japan
  • Editorial staff
    Kim Jirik (copy editing [English]), Takako Matsui (editing), Masako Miyata (design), Katsuaki Tanaka (website)





副題に「Designing Media Ecology(メディアの生態系をデザインする)」と入ります。


そんな思いから、ぼくたちは『5:Designing Media Ecology』を立ち上げました。






以下は、『5:Designing Media Ecology』の指針です。



  • カバーする領域
  • ターゲット
  • 思想的(批判的)で実践的(デザイン的)な姿勢


  • 日本語と英語を併用
  • 日本に閉じた人文社会系の思想や実践の問題状況を打開する
  • 異種混淆的


  • アカデミック・ジャーナル(学術誌)ではなく、マガジンを目指す
  • 写真、インフォグラフィックス、エッセイ、特集、論文、コラム、ルポなど
  • 編集委員が査読をおこなう論文も掲載


  • デジタルとアナログを組み合わせ、メディアの群体を形成する
  • そのメディアの群体によって新たな領域(共同体)を生みだす
  • 小さいけれど、広域志向性のあるメディアにする

5.『5:Designing Media Ecology』について

  • 発起メンバー
    • 編集長:水越伸(東京大学:メディア論)
    • 編集委員:水越伸、毛利嘉孝(東京藝術大学:文化研究)、佐倉統(東京大学:科学技術社会論)
    • 編集部:キム・ジリク、松井貴子、宮田雅子、田中克明
  • 紙雑誌は年2回発行、有料で頒布。