Dear all,
In the end of June 2014, we will start to publish a new magazine, 5 (Five): Designing Media Ecology. We will have the kickoff symposium, to show you our blue picture, and hold a discussion workshop developing the media community of 5 (Five).

After the symposium, there will be a party with light meal and drink. Please join us. All the staff of the editorial office are looking forward to seeing you.

Best regards,

RSVP is needed:
Please read “5” Manifesto, and send your message within 200 characters to Message for “5”. That will be the registration. Your message will be archived, visualized, and shared at the exchange workshop.
Those who will not be able to come to the symposium are also welcome to send a message.

June 13, 2014.
Shin Mizukoshi (University of Tokyo),
Yoshitaka Mōri (Tokyo University of the Arts)
Osamu Sakura (University of Tokyo)
5 (Five) editorial office

Date: Sunday July 6, 2014

Venue: Fukutake Learning Theater, B2F, Fukutake Hall, the Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, University of Tokyo

Language: Basically Japanese

We will take pictures and videos at the symposium, and edit them to put both on the website and the second volume of the magazine. Please get in touch with the editorial office members, if you do not want to be taken.

Contact: editor [at] fivedme.org

12:30 Open the Theater

13:00 Opening Speech

13:10 What is the Magazine 5 (Five)?
(Shin Mizukoshi)

13:40 Editorial Board Members’ Talk: “Why Have We Made a New Media?”
(Yoshitaka Mōri, Osamu Sakura, and Shin Mizukoshi)

14:20 Break

14:40 Explanation of Exchange Workshop and Showing Messages

15:00 Exchange Workshop and Reflection

17:00 Sum Up

17:30 Party! (Additional fee is needed.)

19:00 Party Closing

The End.