Sota Takahashi, one of contributors for 5: Designing Media Ecology has made a wood-block printing T-shirt and kindly gave the original block and a grey T-shirt to the editorial office.

He made it in the T-shirts workshop “Reclaim The T-Shirts” by Yoshitaka Mori, one of editorial board members, and his laboratory students at monsHirop, Matsudo city, Chiba prefecture, Japan.

Thank you so much Takahashi-san!

In near future, we could survive by selling more T-shirts and tote bags printed by this wood-block than magazines…

『5:Designing Media Ecology』にエッセイを寄稿してくれている高橋聡太さんが、木版Tシャツを編集室にプレゼントしてくれました。毛利嘉孝さんと研究室のメンバーが松戸のモンシロでおこなったTシャツワークショップ「Tシャツを取り戻せ!!」でつくってくれたそうです。